Auditing your Operation

The moment of clarity has come: you realize that it simply isn’t working.  The calls complaining about the service levels are steadily increasing.  The employees are not engaged and are far less productive.   The service calls on the technologies in place are getting out of control.  

Instead of fielding another call, it is time to place one to TruDiligence.  As experts who managed, supported, sold and installed these types of services, who is better suited to audit what is not working?  Our approach is to leave no stone unturned in discovering and identifying the root causes of the issues.  Oftentimes, the causes are a mix of the talent, the technologies, and the workflow uses.   The TDC team can sift through the symptoms to diagnose the true issue.  

For an inhouse operation, we can develop and document lasting remedies to the issues.  Our team can redesign your processes to eliminate loops that cause issues, conduct training with your employees in workflow steps, or evaluate the feasibility of new technologies and/or maximize current technologies  to streamline the process.

When it comes to understanding outsourcing providers, the TDC team are truly experts in this industry.   Our consultants understand the service level approaches used by vendors, the contractual clauses related to issue escalation and the internal practices used by the outsourcing community.  We can help your company to develop a roadmap that will hold your suppliers accountable for tactically improving the service levels you receive while also strategically implementing changes that will ensure the issue does not resurface.

This is the value of TruDiligence: we leave no stone unturned throughout our entire process. The remedy is not just a quick fix to the issue, but, identifying the root cause and implementing proven policies and procedures to prevent the issues from arising again.