TDC Difference

The price of doing the same thing is far higher than the price of change.

If you can relate to that statement, it is clear that a new approach for your organization is needed.  As former professionals in the outsourcing industry, we have responded to over 100 proposal requests from various consulting firms.   Some negative commonalities have surfaced in the procurement industry and process over the last few years: 

  • The RFP documents have been repurposed with little customization that tie to your organization’s specific culture
  • Multiple requests and options do not prove to be relevant or meaningful
  • The RFP responses are overloaded with boilerplate information that is unwieldy to sift through
  • The engagement processes are dated, financially centric, and underperforming in terms of sustainable and  long-term client value  

Our view is the overall value of outsourcing has eroded in recent years as companies have trimmed resource experts and operating infrastructure, eliminated innovation and training programs, and undervalued the power of relationships. Certainly consulting firms have provided cost savings to their clients through the engagement processes, however, those savings have also come with significant cost.  With profit margins in the facilities management space consistently decreasing this has led vendors to provide less experienced employees, decreased service levels, less innovation, and reduced client-friendly contractual terms/conditions. 

TDC was created to support and assist clients with a core fundamental objective: ensuring our clients receive the value, service, and contractual obligations promised to them by their entrusted facilities management vendors. To meet that objective we believe the engagement RFP process needs to be re-energized.   Our approach is different in the following ways:

  • A TruDiligence process to understand your culture that aligns to your pain points and  operational requirements
  • A  customized, streamlined RFP process focused on less documentation and greater relevance to your business strategy and goals
  • An evaluation process with less focus on the fiscal statistics and more on tangible impact points to your business
  • A TruDiligence recommendation that ensures service, innovation and creativity are going to be provided whether you insource or outsource…

We hope you will give us the opportunity to explain how the TruDiligence difference can positively impact your organization.   After all, it is not the strongest that survives, nor the smartest, but the one most responsive to change.