Insourcing vs. Outsourcing

It is a difficult question that many business leaders have had to answer: should I maintain my inhouse operation or entrust a vendor to manage support functions for my business? In weighing those choices you have to consider the following questions:

  • Will the administrative burden of outsourcing be taken off my plate?
  • Can the provider take care of the employees better than my organization can?
  • Do I have the right ratios of headcount and equipment for my business?
  • Will the company bring continuous improvement and strategic ideas to me?
  • Am I really receiving the 15%+ value that equates to the profit margin my provider is generating?

While these are valuable questions that must be addressed, a more fundamental question must be answered. The question revolves around the culture and nature of your business. Often these two factors are overlooked as companies focus on the financial implications of the decisions.

This is where and how TruDiligence can assist your organization. We focus on understanding and factoring the cultural forces at work to ensure an outsourcing initiative is best for your organization.    Our TDC approach is focused on finding truth within the due diligence process. We analyze all of the elements required for your support needs: talent, technology, process, and policy in relation to your unique work culture. Based on those elements, we tie your culture to the procurement and development of these components. We can assist you in developing the right model of people, process, and technology to manage your services inhouse or help you determine whether it makes more sense to shift to an outside provider.   

Once the cultural questions are answered, we shift and build the financial and solution elements for you. Given our expertise and experience, we quickly advise on the recommended options that make the most sense for your business.  We assist your organization in understanding the procedural, practicality, and pricing of insourcing versus outsourcing. Most importantly, we lay out the impacts to your business, culture, and bottom line.

This is the value of TruDiligence : we leave no stone unturned throughout our entire process. Our comprehensive approach considers the best possible solution for your financial goals, business requirements, and company culture. We value the right and unique solution for our clients because we know YOUR organization is unlike no other.