Experience - Private Sector

The financial implications of back office functions in the private sector are more impactful to shareholder value than ever before. The team at TruDiligence has the long term experience in managing complex workflows and business processes that will result in measurable cost savings and improvements in business processes. Our team worked at, directly managed, or crafted solutions that were successfully implemented at Fortune 1000 companies. Please consider the following:

Our Operational Resume
Our team has the following operational experience:

  • Directly involved in and managed service contracts at over 200 large corporate entities
  • Supported an embedded employee population of over 1,000 associates
  • Implemented technologies and solutions at over 150 locations nationally
  • Monitored and administered training and development curriculums to over 750 employees

Our Business Development Resume
Our team has the following growth experience:

  • Directly responsible for growth and retention of over $125 million in revenue including human talent, equipment, software, and workflow elements
  • Achieved retention rates of over 97% in the highly competitive Private Sector environment
  • Created risk/reward clauses that were embedded in select contracts

Our Strategic Resume
Our Core Team Management Members have served in the following strategic roles throughout our careers:

  • Clients facing management roles in the private sector across a wide range of industries
  • Vice Presidency and Lead Solution Design roles for the leading providers in the facilities management industry
  • Solution design, business development and implementation roles across multiple verticals in the private sector