Procurement of Traditional FM Contracts

The dreaded time has arrived: the large facilities management services contract is due to expire in the coming year.  You have to figure out how to gather all the data on the headcount, number of machines, latest service level agreements and all the other minutiae that goes into supporting your day to day operation.  You know this will be a daunting task balancing your daily company and work commitments with a project of this size, unless, you make the call to TDC to manage the process for you.
The TDC team has written over 350 facilities management contracts in the last 10 years.   When you write that many contracts you learn a thing or two about the best contractual clauses, the manner in which the various elements are priced, and how the outsourcing community structures their solutions.
We apply that experience to determine the following:

  • Is the provider you are working with a strategic and cultural match for your firm?
  • What providers in the industry align with the direction your business is going?
  • What service companies are on the leading edge and which ones are on the trailing edge of the services curve?
  • What organizations truly provide the innovative and  financial value that equates to the profits you are paying them?

Once we have addressed the strategic questions above, we manage the procurement process to validate the headcount, equipment, technology solutions and service levels are addressed properly and cost effectively.   Our streamlined process ensures that you receive the relevant information and data you need to make the right choice for your company.  Most importantly, our evaluation process also focuses on the creative and cultural aspects at play to ensure you enter into a partnership with your service provider as opposed to simply a contract.
This is the value of TruDiligence : we leave no stone unturned throughout the entire process. We want our clients to feel secure knowing they did their due diligence with TruDiligence.