Technology Solutions and Implementation Support

Perhaps we are getting a bit nostalgic but do you ever miss the world that existed before WiFi, continuous connectivity, and Google? The devices and software of today add a new layer of complexity to middle and back office operations. With the rapid advances in technology, users expect access to information in an easy and effective way. This shift results in a number of challenges:

  • Is the industry adopting this technology and is it working?
  • How do other companies use these tools and how difficult were they to deploy?
  • Have I thought through all of the training needs and process impacts to my end-users?
  • What involvement do I need from my IT department?
  • How do I manage a project of this size?

The process experts at TDC understand the answers to these questions have to be customized by the needs of your specific business.   We perform the TruDiligence required to understand the objectives to be achieved, the process changes needed to maximize the technology and the impacts to those individuals using the new tools.  Our team has extensive experience with a variety of print, imaging, document management, expense recovery and discovery solutions in the market.  More importantly, our experience allows us to understand what actually works, and what does not, with the products being considered.

In terms of project management, our team can assist you in coordinating the resources of your IT department, vendors providing hardware and software, outside integrators and or business owners impacted by the new solutions being deployed.   Our team understands the language barriers between the “geek speak” spoken by IT professionals, the “teach speak” of the HR and training groups and the “work speak” of the end users that will utilize the tools.  This understanding allows for smooth implementations and peace of mind to solution deployment.

This is the value of TruDiligence : we leave no stone unturned…and you should expect nothing less!