When Cultures Collide…

The recent announcement of DTI’s acquisition of Merrill Legal Solutions is going to have a significant impact on every client supported by both providers. On one hand, two companies are blending their strong histories and a wide range of service offerings. On the other hand, can the effort required to blend the two organizations occur without causing performance concerns? Only time will tell.

Cultural change is a natural consequence with mergers and acquisitions. These cultural differences emerge and become distractions.  It is simply human nature. Employees often become more focused on their future roles than their daily client responsibilities. Firms can become confused as to whether their trusted advisors are going to have new objectives, new responsibilities, and even new positions.

The TruDiligence team is educated and versed on all these topics. Our team of principals have histories with organizations that undergone mergers: two electronic discovery companies, Canon and its outsourcing division, and the most recent being the Novitex transformation from Pitney Bowes. Some commonalities have emerged from these direct experiences:   

  • Changes to employee related practices and programs
  • Shifts in operational philosophies, client facing support programs, and solution offerings
  • Consistency and potential consolidation of management support
  • Financial focus given the investment in the merger
  • Availability of subject matter experts for their clients

As professionals who just stepped out of the facilities management environment we are well equipped to help navigate clients through these transitions. Our team has personally lived through the positives and negatives from these types of mergers and their impact to the client experience. 

With daily involvement in over 100 firms, we can see the precursors to these changes proactively. We can perform an audit to establish a baseline for how your operation is performing. By doing this, we can revisit your operation over time in order to evaluate how the cultural changes are impacting your firm. We can also assist with putting a strategic roadmap in place to ensure your operation stays on track.

If you have interest in this process or general questions regarding our merger experiences, we would be happy to assist. Please contact us at 623-552-3387 or at info@trudiligenceconsulting.com.