Who is TDC

TDC is short for TruDiligence  Consulting: a new consulting firm focused on guiding organizations with innovative and holistic approaches in managing their clerical, middle and back office operations.   We apply best-known industry practices and methods to document and information workflow, strategic policies, tactical procedures, and staff development and training for  law firms and large document intensive corporations. Our clients benefit through our unique ability to transform  emerging industry trends into tactical procedural knowledge.

While we do provide traditional consulting activities, our approach is much more creative and extensive than that of the standard consulting firm. Empirical information is vital, but at TDC it is combined with industry experience and expertise.  Our operating model is designed to:

  • Initially understand your business culture to maximize the impact of the changes and solutions we recommend
  • Embrace the fact that change management is the most difficult aspect of what we do and work collaboratively as partners with our customers every step of the process
  • Spend less time with statistical spreadsheets and more time with a blank canvas crafting the right solution
  • Encourage innovation and thought leadership
  • Energize the process by blending emerging trends with adoptable recommendations

We can accomplish this for our clients as the core team at TDC has over 75 years of collective and applied facilities management experience.  At TruDiligence there is a difference: the engagement process will actually be executed by experts that have directly worked and managed on site in our clients’ environments.  Each member of the TDC team has extensive experience in the industry having served in roles such as Operational Vice Presidents, Operations Directors, Solutions Architects, Training Specialists, Technology Consultants, and Business Development Executives.